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Returns + Refunds + Exchanges

What are the return policies?

Refunds will be granted to any unopened items or should an item be opened, it must be unused within 2 weeks of receipt.All returned items must be shipped to our warehouse in Epping, Cape Town and not to one of our official shops or retailers.Please a

I would like to return my order. Do I have to bring all packages to the parcel store myself?

The customer is responsible for returning the items to our factory in Epping, Cape Town. You can return the items via courier or yourself. If you decide to bring the items to our factory yourself, please let us know ahead of time in order to book an

I want to return my order, but I threw away the boxes. What can I do?

Contact our customer happiness to request a transport bag. We will also send you a link to explain how to vacuum the beanbag.

How do I request an exchange?

You have 2 weeks after receiving your order to request an exchange. The items may not be opened, or if opened, they must be un-used. All items must be returned to our factory in Epping and will not be accepted at any of our showrooms. Requests can be