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How do I request an exchange?Updated 3 months ago

You have 2 weeks after receiving your order to request an exchange. The items may not be opened, or if opened, they must be un-used. All items must be returned to our factory in Epping and will not be accepted at any of our showrooms.

Requests can be sent to [email protected]. Please include the following information:

Order number

The item(s) that you'd like to exchange

Will you be using a courier service for the return of your items, or will you be bringing the items to our factory yourself?

Once we receive your request with the above mentioned information, we'll send you our factory address. After your items arrive, our factory team will do an inspection. If any sign of usage is found, we will be unable to proceed with the exchange and will return the items to you. If all is well, we will notify you and proceed with the exchange.

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